Aircraft Disassembly & Part Out

757 200 cockpitDecember 2015 - Jet Yard provides quality aircraft disassembly at Pinal Airpark, Marana, AZ (MZJ).  Aircraft parts are removed per the OEM maintenance manual, then cleaned and tagged per customer specifications. Aircraft Storage, maintenance and disassembly all provide at our Pinal Airpark location.

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Our Capabilities List is Growing!

FaaNovember 2015 - Jet Yard capabilities list have grown in just the first few months of being in business. We now have the Boeing 747-400, 767 Fleet, 757 Fleet and 737 Fleet with all engine combinations on our Ops Spec.  Soon we will have the McDonnell Douglas MD80 series and the Airbus A320 series added to our ops spec.

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Pratt & Whitney JT9 Maintenance

B747 SCAOctober 2015 - Jet Yard purchases a P/W JT9D engine in preparation for assisting with the “ Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft” museum static display. Jet Yard Technicians traveled to Space Center Houston to perform interior alterations as well as B747 (4) four  engine modification and  installation. In 1 weeks’ time  Jet Yard prepped the 747 and modified 4 Pratt & Whitney JT9D engines  for long term static display, reinstalling engine mounts, thrust reversers, engine cowling and paneling. Jet Yards hard work and dedication on the once historic NASA shuttle carrier will be open to the public in January 2016.

Here is video of the Space Shuttle being placed on the 747 - watch video. The grand opening of the exhibit is slated for January 2016. To learn more about the exhibit visit: Johnson Space Center.     Photo credit: NASA Photo


Boeing 757 Main Cabin Doors

September 2015 - Jet Yard receives Boeing 757-200 main cabin and cargo doors from its sister company Aircraft Demolition, LLC. The doors and many other available parts are available for purchase. For our lastest inventory list contact:

Boeing 737's for Sale

Jet Yard 737August 2015 - Jet Yard assists sister company Aircraft Demolition, LLC with receiving two additional B-737-300’s from a Mexican carrier at our Pinal Airpark, Marana, AZ (MZJ)location. The aircraft our in for short term storage and maintenance and are for sale as fliers or part-out candidates. For records information please contact: