Storage and Disassembly Openings

747 400 webMarch 2015 - Jet Yard is ready to work with you on your next aircraft storage and disassembly project. We provide the optimal environment for your aircraft needs. We secure the future with our best-in-class OEM and custom storage programs and can accommodate any size commercial aircraft. Jet Yard can tailor a storage program to fit the needs of your aircraft.

The Jet Yard maintenance department is equipped to maintain and repair all types of commercial and corporate aircraft. Our experience and commitment makes us the leading choice for aircraft maintenance now and in the future. To book your next project contact or 952-224-2426.

MRO Americas 2015

MRO Show 2015February 2015 - Jet Yard, LLC the new option in aircraft end of life services at Pinal Airpark (MZJ), Marana, Arizona will be at MRO Americas 2015. Please stop by our booth 1921, you can find us next to our sister company Aircraft Demolition, LLC. To setup a meeting send a request to .


Aircraft Storage at Pinal Airpark (MZJ), Marana, AZ

747 MaranaJanuary 2015 - Jet Yard receives a host of aircraft at Pinal Airpark (MZJ), Marana, Arizona. In just our first full month we have two Boeing 747-400's and two McDonnell Douglas DC9 aircraft in storage. The DC9's will be returned to service over the next month and the 747-400's will be parted out and recycled.

Jet Yard provides commercial aircraft storage and parking at Pinal Airpark (MZJ) at Marana, Arizona which is located just minutes outside of Tucson, Arizona. The dry Arizona desert is the ideal location to store your commercial aircraft or park on a short term basis. We can accommodate any size commercial aircraft and tailor a storage program to fit your needs. Contact us today for your commercial aircraft storage and parking needs.

NEW - Marana Storage and Part-out Option

December 2014 - Jet Yard has launched its operations at Pinal Airpark (MZJ) located at Marana, Arizona. We have acquired land for aircraft storage, disassembly and part out. Customers can contact us to store and or disassemble aircraft already located at Marana. Customers may fly in aircraft from other locations and can be as large as the Boeing 747.

Jet Yard provides services for aircraft storage, teardown, disassembly and part-out to customers worldwide.

Our focus is first on our customer service. We are very excited about expanding our business in Arizona and look forward to working with many new customers.