Aircraft Teardown, Disassembly & Part-out

Jet Yard Solutions has earned a respected reputation for having rapid response availability and knowledgeable technicians in all areas of Aircraft Disassembly, Teardown and Part-out. When the teardown is complete let us recycle the airframe and lower your overall cost.

Before each aircraft disassembly project the maintenance manual and IPC are researched. A job card is created for each part removal complete with the MM & IPC reference attached. This gives our technicians a clear path, ensures proper removal procedures and speeds up the disassembly process.

Aircraft Services Include

  • Aircraft Services Include
  • Daily Inventory Report of Parts Removed
  • Parts Tagged, Recorded, Packaged, Crated and Shipped
  • RRT - Rapid Response Team Available within 24hrs
  • Full Compliance with all FAA Regulations, Applicable Laws and Ordinances
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